Things are weird... the world has shut down in many places. We are not sure if we`ll be able to offer food this season... please keep an eye on Insta for updates.

Breakfast menu


Brekky Burger - 1200yen


Bacon, fried egg, onion jam, hashbrown,

kewpie and bulldog sauce


Smashed Avo -1600yen


Avocado salsa (Red onion and tomato) and a poached egg. Served on toast


Eggs on Toast -1000yen


Eggs your way on toast, add bacon,

hashbrowns for extra (300yen)


Scrambled Tofu -1600yen Vegan


Spiced scrambled tofu, Onion jam, salsa

served on toast


Bircher Muesli -1200yen Vegan and

GF : Contains nuts


Apple and coconut muesli, berry compote,

nuts and seeds.


Pancakes -1500yen


Berry compote, chocolate ganache,

icing sugar and maple syrup


Toast -600yen


Choice or Rye or white. Nutella, Honey,

Peanut butter or jam.


While we take extreme caution to prevent cross contamination, we can make no guarantee of the absence of gluten or nuts. Speak to your server for more information

Bar snacks



Kaarage - 700 yen


Fried chicken, kewpie, spring onions


Tacos (2x) - 900 Yen


Corn Salsa, pickled cabbage and choice

of tofu, fish, chicken


Sweet & Sour Tofu -600 Yen


Edamame - 500 Yen


Pan Fried Potatoes - 800 Yen


Nori salt (paprika, garlic pow, chilli flakes)

and wasabi mayo


Burger - 1200 Yen


Kewpie mayo, pickled cabbage and

your choiceof fish or chicken


Kimchi Wings - 1000 Yen


Yakitori - 700 yen

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